Sunday, October 5, 2014

Changing Guards and Stories Lost.

The tides change the shapes of all shores if given time and inattention, so it is with the coastlines of imagination also. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cmdr. Geofferson Shadwell of the 44th Regulars

Currently stationed in Falcon's Hollow overseeing it's reconstruction following the Night of the Oozing Dead, this brave and stalwart commander exemplifies the credo of the Eagle Knight Order; "Agere Sequitur a capite ad calcem"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twilight, Shadowdancer extraordinaire!

"The darkness moved.  It slipped silently away from itself.  Swirling through the corners of the city, following its prey closely.  The gawdy royal caught only the scent of lilies before the darkness swallowed him whole and he knew no more..." 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gethrandir tir'Galathon, The Storm Eye Returns!

"...and in the sky there was a great rending that seemed to crack the heavens with fire.  To those who understood such things these portents caused a fearful dismay.  The Dread Storm Eye had returned, and with him all the fury of Nature's Wrath!"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Introducing...Garn Grimfang, Black-eye Assassin!


excerpt from "The Prisoner in Stone"

Blood splattered across Garn Grimfang's bestial face.  He smiled a toothy grin.  He licked the blood from his lips.  His big hands squeezed tighter around the man's neck.  The man gargled on his own bile and inner juices.  Garn stared into the man's eyes.  The man's eyes were wide with horror, glassy with tears. The man gave a desperate slurp for air.  Garn squeezed hard one last time.  A bubble of blood burst from the man's mouth.  A crunching sound came from his throat.  The man spasmed twice then went limp.  Garn held his grip for a few seconds more then gently released it.  He let the man's body slump to the side of the alley wall.  It had taken less than thirty seconds to kill him.
Garn opened the man's leather tunic.  He checked the right side and came out with a small velvet pouch that jangled with coin.  He didn't seem overly interested in this find.  He checked the left side and retrieved an oilskin wallet bound with red string.  Garn unknotted the string and opened the wallet.  Inside were documents, all stamped with black wax bearing a split tongue imprint.  Garn didn't look further.  He rewrapped the wallet and slid it between the black straps of his own leather jerkin.  The coin purse he hooked to his belt.  Without a sound he strode into the shadows that walled the alley and vanished from sight.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New places and maps...

After months of lonely and adventurous travel, our remaining hero (Half-elf Bard Lillica Mahalia) arrives in Oppara.  What dangers await her here in the land of tarnished silver?  Will she find her lost family or will some greater quest overtake her current concerns?

Former Foes...

The evil Myrkwisp and his banshee wife.  Recent terrorizors of Falcon's Hollow.  A tale culminating in plague, flame and sorrow.  Though that chapter has passed they will return to haunt our heroes again...